1. Our Minecraft servers have been shut down, but we still keep in touch via Discord - come by and say hi! Message an admin if you'd like a world download or source code for our Bukkit plugins.

New Profile Posts

  1. Huntresslove
    Huntresslove CherryKat
  2. VariusEtland
    It's been a long time since I've been on, but I'm missing y'all a lot tonight. Thank you for the memorable times! Wish we could talk again.
  3. CherryKat
    Please fix the chat channels. Not everyone can do discord and Its annoying I can't chat with anyone in vanilla or local.
    1. Fireblazerrr
      Can you please check that you have your Website account linked to your IGN, It Should be in your Personal Details I believe. Once that is set correctly your rank should sync in game after a relog or two.
      May 29, 2017
  4. VariusEtland
    Coming up on my fifth anniversary here and getting ready for college. Thanks for all the great times, everyone!
  5. CherryKat
    can anyone help me out in Trition. Depths portal glitched out and cant get back to my area
  6. VariusEtland
    VariusEtland Wheatman
    Help me to find my way once again!
  7. Silas Fisker
    Silas Fisker
    Thanks being such an amazing server and thanks everybody for being amazing persons! :)
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  8. Brewsty
    Currently making cool storage systems with shulkers, er!
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    2. Kroniaq
      It's a cool concept, I'm just to lazy to set it all up. I've never even made an item sorter lol.
      Jan 28, 2017
  9. Brewsty
    Will be playing on the server for anyone that cares to join (:
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  10. Dasfaust
    Dynmaps down on both servers until we figure out a storage solution (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  11. Dasfaust
    STB will be down while we debug a crash, may be an all day thing.
  12. Dasfaust
    Technical difficulties, please stand by...
  13. Fireblazerrr
    Brace for impact!
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  14. Dasfaust
    We've been doing some work to STB, will be available again soon!
  15. 00askem
    heyy, tried to join the stb server but im not whitelisted
  16. Dasfaust
    Dasfaust Battle20909
    Season 5 was added to the launcher early (seen your post) should be playable soon.
  17. Morbes
    I just got a trophy called "Seriously Likeable". I can't get meanest player on the server for 2017 if you keep liking. Stop.
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  18. Domino 83
    Domino 83
    i havnt seen anyone on in a hella long time...am i on at all the wrong times or is the server dead?
    1. Dasfaust
      Still kicking, but very inactive. Have a bunch of new stuff coming out for both servers soon. Stay tuned!
      Jan 1, 2017
  19. Fireblazerrr
    Have a happy holidays!
  20. bos1sox5
    I have no ragrets other than making sed stories. What in the world was I thinking.
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