1. Welcome! We're a diverse community of gamers of all ages and locations that have one thing in common: we love to play Minecraft. We've set up shop in our own corner of the Internet and welcome you to join; you will fit right in. Head over here to see the selection of servers we have available at the moment. Get started by creating an account and introducing yourself - be sure to drop by Discord and have a chat!

Server Guide

  1. Introduction

    What to expect when logging in
  2. Rules

    General server and community rules
  3. Worlds

    All about the server's different worlds
  4. Ranks

    Information about the server's different player ranks
  5. Currency and Trading

    All about Shards and the Market
  6. Ban Appeals

    How to appeal if you've been banned
  7. SLauncher 2016-12-18

    Information on our custom launcher
  8. Chat Channels

    Chatting with channels 101
  9. Discord Guide: Tips and Tricks

    You one stop shop for all your discord questions!