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Discussion in 'General' started by jaketherock, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. jaketherock

    jaketherock Survivalist

    Instead of outsourcing our information, I really would like to see Survivor come to the forefront of development for Minecraft, and through that, become one of the premier pools of knowledge among the online community. I propose to do this by an extensive library of user-generated guides. We already have a "Guide" section displayed above, and Das and I are currently working on upgrading that, but there lacks a significant degree of information. So should you write a guide, and a good guide contains specific, clear, written text accompanied by pictures and/or video, please post the document file here for us to review and post it online. You will receive proper citations as well, so that all the world will know. I am seeing to it that users who have their guides posted are compensated in-game for it as well.

    We have an ingenious group of people here, and I know a lot of you like to teach others; so let's extend that idea.

    Request to have this stickied.
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  2. flikamasha

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    Request to have stickied motion 2nd
  3. Dasfaust

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  4. flikamasha

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    This guide is for anyone that has a Microsoft Windows Operating System not a Mac or Linux/Unix based machine.

    For those of you that have upgraded your Minecraft after it has been updated before the server has been updated here are steps of how to go about reverting back to the current version the server is on.

    Step 1: The first thing to do is to open whatever internet browser that you have (ie: internet explorer, firefox, google chrome...) and go to the web address: or click here to go to their now. (fig 1)

    fig 1:[​IMG]

    Step 2: Once you go to the page you will be prompted to download the file (fig 2). After the file has downloaded open your start menu. If you have Windows Vista or 7 you will have a search bar, on the other hand if you have Windows XP or any other version of Windows you will see run. Windows XP you will click on run. Now in either the search (7/Vista) or run (XP/Other) box you will need to type in %appdata% (fig 3). After typing this in just press the ENTER key on your keyboard. Now you should have your Appdata folder open.

    fig 2:[​IMG]

    fig 3:[​IMG]

    Step 3: In this folder you will need to open the .minecraft folder. After in here you will see multiple folders one of which is named bin (fig 4). What you will need to do is extract the bin folder, from the file you downloaded in Step 1, to your .minecraft folder. You will need to allow it to overwrite all your current files in the bin folder with the ones from the

    fig 4:[​IMG]

    Step 5: Now all that is left is to open Minecraft and see if you are on the correct version, if you are you should now be able to login to our server. If you had any single player or even multiplayer mods installed you will now have to install those. See the Mod Developers site on how to install them.

    Congratulations you have now downgraded your Minecraft to a previous version!

    Side note.....sorry the screenshots i used are so big! :(
  5. jaketherock

    jaketherock Survivalist

    Thanks for the awesome submission. That's what we were looking for. We'll have that added to the main site here shortly. Thanks! :D
  6. flikamasha

    flikamasha Creature Killer! Dedicated

    np glad to be of help. any other things that can be thought of just let me know and ill try.
  7. gamesraider

    gamesraider Trusted by The Gods

    I have guides to just about everything in Minecraft on my mobile device I could post them if you like the only problem would be getting the pictures to my computer. I am thinking of putting the enchanting one up first since it has the least amount of pictures it also has part of the decoder for enchantments I am still working on decoding them completely or I could leave that part out I ask that you reply with whether or not you want me to post the decoded enchantments. I also have guides for every block item and mob including the mob that was removed normal pigmen
  8. jaketherock

    jaketherock Survivalist

    Anything is fine, so long as it is original. Copying from other sites does not cause us to stand out positively.
  9. gamesraider

    gamesraider Trusted by The Gods

    not from another site something me and my friends put together
  10. jaketherock

    jaketherock Survivalist

    Then that's fine. We'll have something rigged up on the main site here for the new guides sometime this weekend. We look forward to hosting them on here. :)
  11. gamesraider

    gamesraider Trusted by The Gods

    I will just have to work on getting them to my computer I will hopefully have some posted by the end of this weekend
  12. Mac

    Mac New Member

    i replace the bin file but when i load up minecraft it asks me to update and i say not now and after that it just black screens HELP
  13. flikamasha

    flikamasha Creature Killer! Dedicated

    i would suggest letting it do the update then just follow the instructions in full. sounds like some other file is messed up. I myself would delete my whole .minecraft folder, any saved games i would copy and backup first, then open minecraft and let it download again. Then replace the bin.

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