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News: Modded Survive The Beast Season 5

Discussion in 'News' started by Dasfaust, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Time to get your wrenches and wands out, a new Survive The Beast pack is here! This time we're running a whopping 120+ mods in 1.10.2. 1.10 modded has matured substantially since Season 4. The pack is your general "everything but the kitchen sink" pack we're used to, with a moderate amount of config and recipe edits, which are detailed below. It has mod parity with Direwolf20's 1.10.2 pack, so it'll be a bit easier to jump right in if you're new to the modded scene. Here's my obligatory "the map has been reset" statement.

    Click here for the entire modlist. Season 5 requires 64-bit Java 8 and at least 4GB memory set in SLauncher, make sure to set "Maximum memory (MB):" and "Minimum memory (MB):" in "Options" to 4096 before launching Season 5. The server is still white-listed, if you played during Season 4 you're good to go, if not, reply to this thread or ping a staff member in Discord via @Staff in the #Modded channel to get added to the white-list.

    Download SLauncher (all platforms)
    Land Claims and Chunk Loading
    FTBUtilities is your new best friend! We'll be using it to manage land claims and chunk loading. It's pretty nice, check out the spotlight for more than a rundown. Force-loaded chunks will persist while you're offline for up to 36 hours. After that, you'll need to log in again to reload your chunks. Each player gets a maximum of 64 loadable chunks.

    Grinders and Server Performance
    "Traditional" mob grinders, such as dark room spawners, powered spawners, etc. are now soft-banned. There's no hard deterrent, we simply ask that you do not make them. We've added Woot for this purpose, it's a grinder multi-block system. Check out this spotlight for more information. If you're found to be in possession of a "traditional" mob grinder, it will be removed and there may be a temporary ban as punishment. Don't do it!

    The WorldProfiler mod introduced in Season 3 is back to keep server performance in check. It has been heavily re-worked (I should say rewrote, because I rewrote it), taking all previous suggestions into account. If you're new and have no idea of what I'm talking about - it's a tool I've created that automatically times a machine's operation in the world (profiling) and pauses it if it's eating up a substantial amount of server resources. The profiler will scan the world once every three hours. New to Season 5: the profiler will no longer pause machines that have a player within 32 blocks, as a quality-of-life measure. The profiler will also now record and take into account a machine's average operating time over the period of about 10 scans and make a decision based on that number. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, it should prevent false flags: meaning less machines will end up being paused overall. The profiler will now also send a warning in chat to whoever placed a machine that has been paused, giving its location and some stats. If that player is offline, it'll report it to them next time they log in.

    Mining World

    No mining rules this time around, however: the Deep Dark will be reset every Friday at 8am server time (EST) so you can use it for all your mass mining purposes, be sure to clear your equipment out before it resets.

    Refined Rules List

    Pulled from the Server Guide: "While playing here at the Survivor Server you must obey a set of rules. These rules are here to protect the interests of all players and any violations will result first in a warning, further violations will be handled at the discretion of the staff." We've refined the rules for STB just a bit - mostly due to poor server performance in the last season. We plan to eliminate common performance pitfalls in this map and keep operation smooth.
    1. No griefing - self explanatory, don't mess with other peoples' stuff. Claiming chunks will prevent this, so be sure to do your part and protect your hard work. There is no rollback utility and we will not be refunding griefed property that was not properly claimed.
    2. Respect one another - don't be a jerk. No racist, sexist, homophobic remarks... Keep global chat mostly expletive free. Treat others as an equal, etc.
    3. Respect boundaries - don't go building your base right next to someone else's without permission, even if it is outside of their claim boundary. Try to keep a minimum distance of 500 blocks. The map is infinite, go exploring! Breaking this rule could have your base erased.
    4. Don't abuse exploits - they happen, it's fine. Exploits should be reported to a staff member. Abusing an exploit and NOT reporting it will result in receiving a ban.
    5. Keep your entity count low - runaway animal farms, item spillages, etc. are the worst thing you can ever do for everyone else on the server. Keep performance in mind when playing. Chances are you don't like block lag, nobody else does either. You can monitor your surrounding entity count by pressing F3. If the E: column growing above 200, it's time to cut back - bases found by staff with high entity counts will be cleared, and you WILL be temporarily banned for it. We will be scanning entity counts every so often. Build with care.
    6. No mob farms - summarized above. This ties in with the entity count rule significantly. Does not include animal farms.
    7. Don't cause orphaned chunks - when chunkloading, be sure to NOT keep a chunk loaded that has to communicate with a chunk that isn't loaded. This causes an "orphaned chunk": for example if you have an item pipe in chunk A that sends items across the chunk boundary to chunk B for processing and only load chunk A, chunk B will load and unload every server tick. Players found doing this will receive a temporary ban. I have a tool that detects this and keeps the chunks loaded - so we will be checking the output logs and inspecting bases.
    8. Don't ask for refunds - if you die/lose items because of an unfortunate reason, for example your jetpack runs out of fuel or you run out of GP while flying over lava, it's not the sever staffs' job to refund you. Dying is part of the game, be careful.
    9. Don't request a staff members' help when something isn't working - you can easily load a single-player world and test something yourself in creative mode. Chances are they have problems they're trying to work out themselves. If you can replicate a bug, be sure to post it on the forums to get a fix in the pipeline, if not, Google is an awesome tool. This includes broken recipes, create a bug report post in the Help forum and we'll try to get it fixed in a pack update. No live updating unless it's a game-breaking bug.
    Unlike Season 4, I spent a lot of time porting some of our systems over to Forge, we'd like to keep at least a certain level of feature parity with the vanilla server. Modded players will get to enjoy our brand new Discord-integrated chat system, ranks with colored names, etc. Huge thanks to @Fireblazerrr for helping me debug it and writing the bot! More to come in the future!

    That's all! Hope to see you in the world!

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