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News: Vanilla Welcome to Triton

Discussion in 'News and Events' started by Dasfaust, Jan 3, 2017.

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    It's been awhile! I'm happy to report the staff are still here and we've all been working hard (for quite awhile) to revamp the Vanilla and Modded servers. We're finally getting back into the swing of things after a large period of inactivity and hope you will join us on an exciting new adventure. The Vanilla server has been updated to 1.11.2 and we've rebuilt a lot of stuff from scratch. The map and economy have been reset. The new world's name is Triton, it's a borderless, non-amplified world.

    Spawn City
    The architects of Atlas apparently had some ...frustration with the whole project and it was quickly scrapped in a myriad of explosions (oops). We're back to basics with an in-world spawn on Triton. We feel it could lead to some much needed natural community development since all players will no longer be forced to start at a random spot on the map. If you still like to be secluded random teleportion is still available in the Portal House.
    2016-12-20_10.29.36.png 2016-12-30_04.49.12.png

    Discord Chat
    Chat on both servers is fully integrated with Discord. You can now keep up with the entire Survivor Server community on any device! This includes cross-server chat between Vanilla and Modded. We've reduced chat channels to just Vanilla, Modded, Local, and Support. There's more info in the Server Guide.

    Economy and Land Claiming
    The economy and land claiming system is pretty much what we had in Dawn - we're happy with the way it works. However, we have made a few tweaks: shards now convert at a 100:1 ratio with diamonds. The price of land claims has been bumped to compensate for this change, at about 1/2 a diamond per claimed chunk. The Market is now only accessible at Spawn City, in the Market House. If you need to brush up on how land claiming worked in Dawn, check out the Server Guide page.

    There weren't any teleport restrictions in Dawn, among lots of other missing things. In Triton we've decided to create a hybrid system between the Warp Flux system from Titan and the cooldown restrictions that were in place in Aeon. All teleports now have a base global cool-down of 15 minutes - however, upon teleporting, you will have the option to completely skip your cool-down for 50 shards. So, for example: you've teleported to spawn and want to quickly go back to your /home, but you now have a 15 minute cool-down. Just click the message in chat that says "... [50 Shards] or [1 Strange Token] to skip." to entirely skip the cool-down. Warps will also only be obtainable via Strange Tokens. We'll get into what Strange Tokens are a bit later.

    Mob Arenas Are Back
    You've read that right, we haven't had an MA since Titan! Your old favorites are back and ready to play. The Mob Arenas have been re-balanced for 1.11's combat changes, and we've revamped the rewards system a bit too: we will make more changes based on your feedback. MAs may also be a nice way to earn Strange Tokens.

    The Depths
    The Depths is back ... Since it apparently wasn't working in Dawn (oops.) You can get there by making a nether portal with any stone block in each of the four corners, like in the image below. There is no longer a nether depths - you can obtain nether materials in the overworld nether and via elsewhere now. The Depths will reset on Fridays at 8am server time (EST). And yes, we've confirmed that's working!

    The Black Market
    There is a strange new faction at work in Triton... Survivors have reported strange messages and items throughout the entire world. Strange Tokens? What's that all about? Could it be a puzzle? Where might it lead? Perhaps this "Black Market" could prove very useful to any survivor in obtaining some much prized items, ranks, and abilities. Keep your eyes on the forum, if someone solves the puzzle, they ought to share the location of this hidden market... You can get started by inspecting mob spawners and dungeon loot!


    It's back! PvP outside of claimed areas is up to how the community wants to police itself. Mind "outside of claimed areas", you will still have the option to toggle PvP inside of your claim (or subclaims). This does not mean griefing or camping - those are still punishable offenses. If needed, brush up on the rules over at the Server Guide.

    Livemaps, Server Guide, and The Website

    Livemaps for both Vanilla and Modded are back! Check the 'Maps' link in the nav menu. The website got a bit of a facelift and the 'Minecraft IGN' section of your forum account has been updated to use UUIDs, so you no longer have to update that when changing your Minecraft username. Certain parts of the website doesn't have access to that information (it's an XenForo thing) so if you haven't set your avatar, your skin may appear as the default Steve skin (if you look closely, it's actually Direwolf20!) until I find a workaround. (Fixed!) We've updated the Server Guide for Triton and STB Season 5, but it's still a bit lackluster. So if you want to, you may now create guide pages. Player submissions will be sent to a moderation queue for approval.

    If you are having trouble with rank syncing not working correctly on either server (or your IGN appears wrong) try updating it here (in the 'Mojang' field, use your current IGN, it'll be converted to a UUID when you save): http://survivorserver.com/account/

    Legacy Features (Towns, EXP Storage, Companions, etc)

    Unfortunately we only have so much time - we wanted to get this update out quickly and it didn't quite happen that way (talks started in October). But we have many plans for the future, and you can expect to see a lot of old stuff return, new and improved! Stay tuned for future announcements. We'd love to hear your suggestions over in the community feedback forum.

    That's all we have for now. Thanks for reading! Why are you still reading and not playing on Triton?
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    Excellent! Glad to see the fresh start. I'll be jumping on the server whenever I have the time to!

    Look forward to reconnecting with everyone!
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    Like said in my status, happy to play again!
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    I can't tell you how excited I was to read this message today :D I missed this.
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